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Online Design

With the meaning of ‘online design’, it can be defined as the design with wide range of services that working on online marketing. Whether your company needs to decide or design your online marketing, Kreative plus can lead you to develop with brilliant idea in further online market.

Kreative Plus art work
In this potential market, different methods have been used to communicate with customer. We are getting to build up the website layout, designing for social media campaign and online advertisement with your company. Working by our inventive team, your online market must be well-developed and unique towards the competitor.

Website Layout:
Creating company website must be the main entrance and basis for your company to compete in online market. Normally, the company website can memorize by your customer with first impression. Due to a memorable website, a creative website layout, convenient and information is three main elements to capture customer’s attention.

Design for social media campaign:
Social media can be defined as the media tools that arises the message propagate by people to people directly. Facebook, blogging or youtube are all popular social media channels to generate exposure by different companies. With such diversify channel, we can design with different idea and concept that help you to lead out the largest exposure!

Design for online advertising:
Since online market has been well-organized with several website or search engine, the design for those advertisement is one of the most important part to catch up customer’s attention and increase attractive of the advertising. Deciding the advertising in some famous website or search engine such as Yahoo, Google, etc. can help to enhance the company image with intensive design of online advertising.