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Behavior Identity

If you are wondering the basic concept of your company, Kreative plus can help to identity the company’s behavior and develop steady concept with you.

Using the creativity to build up behavior identity is one of the strong elements for you to deepen understanding with your company. Once we find the direct behavior identity, you can learn more for your customer and the whole market. Simply using our talented idea to manage your company and build up the competitive advantage.

With innovative idea to develop behavior identity, Kreative plus will not only proposing an analyzing report. We will also lead you to first understand the market and decide the most suitable way for your company.

Behavior Identity
To know more about the behavior identity, it should be include two main aspects which can be divided into internal and external behavior activities. Internal behavior activities means your company internal operation which consists of employee education, production equipment, working environment, benefit, etc. It mainly affect by your employee and management. External behavior activities is define as the activities that your company will act in public like market analysis, product development, public relation, sales promotion, etc.

Capturing behavior activities in the best moment
Whatever the internal or external behavior activities, focusing with best moment is important for you to maintain. Kreative plus will then getting the information and create the newest idea for you since all these activity can be work with amusing to become the memorable product or service for your customer.

Diversification activities
Behavior Identity is not just an investigated tool, it can build up with interesting way such as working on product packaging, holding an event, having press release, etc. Kreative plus can help with all these activities in design and execution.