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Corporate Identity System

When you are seeking to present your company to the world, corporate identity(CI), the meaning of branding, must be the most owerful process for differentiates yourself from other competitors.

Recently, corporate identity can be one of the most important parts for your company since many companies are just working on this system to reinforce their brand and corporate image.

What should be included?
Once your company is thinking about the corporate identity system, Kreative Plus is now help you to build up your brand with our creativity and three major views regarding corporate identity: Mind identity (MI), visual identity (VI) and behavior identity (BI).

Mind Identity (MI) is the basis of your company which consists of your concept, strategy and prospect for going to communicate with visual identity (VI) which is the solid design (the brand and logo) and behavior identity (BI) which focus to educate, manage and promote your company for performing your company’s characteristic. Through all these elements, corporate identity system can be decided to begin clearly…

Which part Kreative Plus can work with branding?

1.Work from zero to everything you need
Such as the strong, memorable and recognizable logo, brand color, product design and related visual assets. Either product or service (Business to Business or Business to Customer) industry,

2.Provide the professional service for you
To succeed in logo, color, product design or other assets, we are able to communicate closely with our clients and think deep for creativity. With strong corporate identity system (branding), this can achieve visual assets (the brand, logo, color, etc).