Kreative Plus Ltd


When you are finding the way to communicate with your clients and place it everywhere with most creative idea, we are ready to develop an interesting advertisement to you and your target customer!

Although many famous brands and companies have been well-developed or globalize with success, they are still insist on working inventive advertisement with resourceful team. In fact, advertisement can really build up the memorable message to customer by creativity and skillful idea.

Lead your message!
Kreative Plus can be help to lead your message with different media channels to your target customer. Professional analysis should be included through two main aspects regarding advertising: creative aspect and media aspect.

Creative aspect is not only how the advertising company can provide the creative idea for you, it more than how the company or the advertisement can lead out the message and create interest for attracting customer on your product or service. Media aspect is the way that you can spend your advertising in different channels. It has become boarder variety of the media today since online advertising is generally created and well-developed.

Kreative Plus linkage towards CREATIVE and YOU

1. Innovation with most valuable invention
Valuation invention must be included to decide the most suitable media channels in advertising for you. Different media channels that can be work on advertisement such as printing, TV Ad, magazine Ad design, online, etc. are all available for us to create with you!

2. Positive follow up and communication
Since advertising can be included complicate process from design, production to launch, a strong communication between Kreative Plus and you is a must for stating out clear direction in every progress. Find us and lead you to maintain your promotion message for your target customer!